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Historical Resources

        Click the above link for information about the 14th annual meeting of the world's judiciaries.  The theme of that meeting was "Enforceable World Law and Effective Global Governance."  Roughly 300 participants, including chief justices of numerous national judiciaries, other highly-placed justices and judges, and a broad spectrum of international legal scholars, met to discuss these topics for five full days.  There was consensus support for a World Judiciary, and many of the chief justices individually pledged their personal and professional support for the creation of a World Court of Human Rights.  The proposed Statute of the World Court of Human Rights that has been prepared during 2014 through the online meetings of the Design Team will be presented to the 15th annual World Judiciary Summit in Lucknow, India, in December 2014, for discussion and endorsement.
        Click the above link to view a copy of the brochure that was distributed to the attendees of the 14th annual World Judiciary Summit, describing the World Court of Human Rights Development Project.

        Click on the link above to view the list of attendees, the Resolution, and a group photo, from the 2012 13th annual World Judiciary Summit, in Lucknow, India.

Gandhi/Annan Correspondence

        Click on the link above to read correspondence between Dr. Jagdish Gandhi and United Nations Secretary General Kofi Annan regarding the inability of the United Nations to act alone, and the indispensability of nation state cooperation, and that of the nations' judiciaries, in the effort to protect worldwide human rights.
        Click on the link above to read the December 23, 2011 paper entitled, "Towards a World Court of Human Rights: Questions and Answers."  This was a Supporting Paper to the International Commission of Jurists' 2011 Report of the Panel on Human Dignity.  

Benjamin Odoki, former Chief Justice of Uganda, and Mark Oettinger discuss the World Court of Human Rights.

Mohamed Othman, Chief Justice of Tanzania, and Mark Oettinger discuss the World Court of Human Rights.

YouTube Video

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